Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 7/28/21

IBM Report: Data-Breach Costs Hit 17-Year High of $4.24M
Data-breach costs jumped nearly 10% from an average of $3.86 million to $4.24 million per incident over the past year. Read Article

Connecticut Enacts Safe Harbor From Punitive Damages in Data Breach Cases
CT is one of 3 states, with more to follow. Read Article

FBI Tracking More Than 100 Active Ransomware Groups
While some ransomware gangs have gone silent, many continue to operate, pointing to the challenge authorities face in cracking down on the problem. Read Article

Hackers Built an Elaborate Online Profile to Fool Aerospace Targets Into Downloading Malware
Cyber espionage campaign linked to the Iranian military drew victims in with fake social media profiles and messages in an attempt to steal usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. Read Article

Apple Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability in iOS, iPadOS, MacOS Under Active Attack
Characteristically mum about details. Read Article

Microsoft: Here's How to Shield Your Windows Servers Against This Credential Stealing Attack
Microsoft outlines how to mitigate the NTLM Relay Attack known as PetitPotam. Read Article

The Bottom Line: Big Ransomware Attacks Could Bring Hidden Credit Implications for Targeted Industries
A major credit rating agency is warning that ransomware attacks can not only lead to outages and downstream infection of a victim’s customers, it can also have a material impact on the credit of entire industries. Read Article

Long-Awaited Bill Would Force Breach Victims to Contact CISA
A new bipartisan bill would require certain breach victims to notify the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the event of a breach. Read Article

36% of Organizations Suffered a Serious Cloud Security Data Leak or a Breach in the Past Year
Eight out of ten are worried that they’re vulnerable to a major data breach related to cloud misconfiguration. Read Article

Lawsuits Against CaptureRx Pile Up and So Do Victim Counts
At Least 3 Lawsuits Filed So Far After Breach Affecting Millions. Read Article

Chat Logs Show How Egregor, an $80 Million Ransomware Gang, Handled Negotiations with Little Mercy
An interesting read. Read Article

In the news this week, our State's acknowledging the value of having a comprehensive cybersecurity program, in place, for all businesses. Connecticut passed a law prohibiting the courts from sanctioning organizations that have suffered a data breach but have a written security plan that tracks to NIST-800.
What do ransomware negotiations look like? Here's an article that takes you inside the mind of cyber criminals, and how they treat victims of a successful hack and encryption attack.
Moving your data to the Cloud and think you are safer for doing so? Maybe not so fast, 8 out of 10 surveyed are worried about a major breach due to mis-configuration.
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