Cyber Threat Report

82% of Attacks Show Cyber-Criminals Targeting Telemetry Data
Cyber-criminals have disabled or wiped out logs in 82% of incidents. The findings come from the latest report from Sophos, which dissected the intricacies of these attacks, shedding light on the speed with which ransomware assaults are now executed, often within hours. Read More

Report Links ChatGPT to 1265% Rise in Phishing Emails
Other key findings include an average of 31,000 daily phishing attacks, with 68% of these identified as text-based BEC. Read More

Tens of Thousands of Cisco Devices Hacked via Zero-Day Vulnerability
The vulnerability carries the highest severity CVSS score possible of 10 and Cisco said it would “grant an attacker full administrator privileges, allowing them to effectively take full control of the affected router. Read More

Chinese Hackers Target Routers in IP Theft Campaign
A customized firmware backdoor tailored for Cisco routers allows hackers to maintain backdoor access without their connections showing up in logs. Read More

Azure Storage Compromised in the Latest BlackCat Ransomware Attack
This version introduces new functionalities and has been employed to encrypt Azure Storage accounts and evade detection efficiently. Read More

Maker Of ‘Smart’ Chastity Cage Left Users’ Emails, Passwords, And Locations Exposed
A company that makes a chastity device that can be controlled by a partner over the internet exposed users’ email addresses, plaintext passwords, home addresses and IP addresses, and — in some cases — GPS coordinates, due to several flaws in its servers, according to a security researcher. Read More

Danish Hosting Firms Lose All Customer Data in Ransomware Attack
CloudNordic reported a breach in their systems, affecting customer websites, and causing complete paralysis. Recovery efforts failed, resulting in major data loss for most customers. Read More

Possible Chinese Malware in US Systems a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’: Report
China has implanted malware in key US power and communications networks in a “ticking time bomb” that could disrupt the military in the event of a conflict. Read More

Weekly Cyber Attacks Reach Two-Year High Amid Ransomware Resurgence
Organizations globally are facing an average of 1,258 attacks each week. Read More

CISA Warns Samsung Handset Bugs and D-Link Router Flaws are Being Exploited in Wild
The most severe Samsung bug is a vulnerability (CVE-2021-25487) classified as an out-of-bounds read error impacting the handset modem interface driver. The flaw can lead to arbitrary code execution by an adversary. Both Samsung and NIST classified the bug as “high severity”. Read More