Cyber Threat Report

Technology continues to intertwine itself within every organization, and so does the risk of a successful cyber-attack. Not knowing what you lack in preparation and protection serves to increase your risk footprint, leaving your operations vulnerable to potential threats, operational disruptions, and worse.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that stakeholders implement robust security measures necessary to protect sensitive information and safeguard their digital infrastructure.

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with one happening roughly every 39 seconds. No organization is immune to these risks, however, some are more commonly targeted than others, such as law firms.

Are you concerned about your company's security footprint? In the first half of 2022, cybercrime affected more than 53.35 million Americans.

The global market for cyber security awareness training is expected to grow by more than 45% in the next five years. This record growth highlights the importance that organizations place on improving cyber security.

Last year, healthcare and manufacturing were some of the most targeted industries for cybercriminals to attack. Other industries followed not far behind, with bad actors focusing on banks and insurance companies, public/state administrations, educational institutions, professional and organizational services, and more. 

Every organization, regardless of what you do, is at risk for a ransomware attack. This blog will give you some insight into best practices to minimize the risk of a successful attack.

Ensuring that you keep your personal identifiable information (PII) safe and protected should be your number one priority. With these tips below, JANUS provides insight on how you can prevent fraud from occurring.

Proper on/offboarding policies and procedures can protect your data and streamline your operations. JANUS’ 8 cybersecurity best practices will help you create a hardened yet more resilient enterprise.

Due diligence is a process that confirms facts or details of something being purchased, or a contract for services. Due diligence examines all aspects of the deal to confirm that everything is as represented verbally and in writing by the offeror. It’s undertaken to prevent misrepresentations and to uncover potential fraud.

Ransomware and hacking is a major problem and effective cyber security is the only way to safeguard your operations and assets. The risk of not taking care of business is losing your business.

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