Cyber Threat Report

Law firms are a primary target for ransomware attacks, with cybercriminals targeting legal practices with sophisticated assault techniques.

Law firms are valuable targets for a multitude of reasons, but most recently they have been targeted as law firms are increasingly transitioning data to cloud-based platforms and web-based apps. While these technologies facilitate data accessibility, they also expand the attack surface and significantly increase the probability of vulnerabilities.

In 2021, the ransomware industry in the United States alone resulted in over $1 billion in payments to cyber criminals. Given the ever-evolving nature of technology, there's no doubt that criminals will try to capitalize on the latest trends in cyber-attacks to make even more money.

Every organization, regardless of what you do, is at risk for a ransomware attack. This blog will give you some insight into best practices to minimize the risk of a successful attack.

The United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) recently presented a 3-hour webinar titled Ransomware: An Emerging Threat. This presentation included members of government agencies and private corporations and contains a wealth of information. The entire session has been published on YouTube and full information is detailed below.

Ransomware and hacking is a major problem and effective cyber security is the only way to safeguard your operations and assets. The risk of not taking care of business is losing your business.