Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 8/19/21

T-Mobile Confirms Data Breach Affects Over 47 Million People
The stolen files include personal info such as names and social security numbers. Read Article

Misconfigured Server Leaks US Terror Watchlist
The list was left online without a password or any other authentication to secure it. It contained 1.9 million records, including full name, TSC watchlist ID, citizenship, gender, date of birth, passport number, and more. Read Article

Phishing Campaign Leverages Legit DocuSign Email Notifications
Scammers are now signing up for free accounts with the cloud-based documenting signature service and compromising the accounts of others as a way to trick email recipients into clicking on malicious links. Read Article

This Week’s Healthcare Breach Roundup
637K UNM Health patients impacted by two-month network hack, data theft. Other operations also attacked. Read Article

Nasty WordPress Plugin Bug Puts 100,000 Sites at Risk
Security researchers urge SEOPress plugin users to update to the latest release. Read Article

Rural Sewage Plants Hit by Ransomware Attacks in Maine
A pair of ransomware attacks on sewage treatment plants in rural Maine communities demonstrates that small towns need to be just as vigilant as larger communities in protecting against hackers. Read Article

Bug in Millions of Flawed IoT Devices Lets Attackers Eavesdrop
A remote attacker could exploit a critical vulnerability to eavesdrop on live audio & video or take control. The bug is in ThroughTek’s Kalay network, used in 83m devices. Read Article

Unpatched Fortinet Bug Allows Firewall Takeovers
The OS command-injection bug, in the web application firewall (WAF) platform known as FortiWeb, will get a patch at the end of the month. Read Article

Healthcare Provider Expected to Lose $106.8 Million Following Ransomware Attack
Scripps Health, a California-based nonprofit healthcare provider that runs five hospitals and 19 outpatient facilities, said it expects to lose an estimated $106.8 million following a ransomware attack that hit the organization in May 2021. Read Article

Dallas Cops Lost 8TB of Criminal Case Data During Bungled Migration
Says the DA… 4 months later. The migration, which took place between 31 March and 5 April, actually destroyed 22TB of data. 14TB were recovered. Read Article

Can you fear (hear) me now?

This week, T-Mobile suffered a massive data breach affecting well over 40 million subscribers. Personal information including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license information was leaked. This is the third such attack T-Mobile has suffered in the past two years. Those affected should sign up for two years of free McAfee ID Theft Protection Service.

The U.S. Terror Watchlist was left wide open in the Cloud, without a password. Around 1.9 million records containing sensitive data were left exposed for close to 3 weeks. Password protecting data is basic cyber security practice and this event should have never occurred. What went wrong here, and who owns this error?

The importance of testing your backups is once again front and center. Dallas PD lost 22 TB of data during a system migration and was unable to recover 8 TB of the missing data from their backup. Some of the data lost included case files of a murder trial. The moral of this story is test your system backups, regularly.