Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 07/21/23

Weekly Cyber Attacks Reach Two-Year High Amid Ransomware Resurgence
Organizations globally are facing an average of 1,258 attacks each week. Read More

Black Hat Hacker Exposes Real Identity After Infecting Own Computer With Malware
A threat actor’s real identity was uncovered after they infected their own computer with an information stealer. Read More

Cybersecurity Firm Sophos Impersonated By New Sophosencrypt Ransomware
The ransomware was initially thought to be part of a red team exercise by Sophos. Read More

Citrix Discloses Critical Netscaler Gateway Vulnerability
Users of affected products have been urged to implement patches immediately to mitigate risk. Read More

Tampa General Hospital Says Hackers Exfiltrated the Data of 1.2 Million Patients
The information compromised in the incident varied from individual to individual and may have included names, phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, medical record numbers, patient account numbers, dates of service, health insurance information, and limited treatment information. Read More

Microsoft Set To Expand Access To Detailed Logs In The Wake Of Chinese Hacking Operation
Under fire for security failures and premium pricing for security features, Microsoft said it would make logging tools more widely available. Read More

Trends In Ransomware-As-A-Service And Cryptocurrency To Monitor

RaaS providers wrote a ransomware encryptor, created a dark web domain, advertised their services to affiliates and forums, and then allowed users to purchase a license (for their services) to configure a ransomware payload and receive extortion funds. Read More

Typo Watch: 'Millions of Emails' For US Military Sent To .ml Addresses In Error
Good thing Mali isn't the best pals with Russia right now – oh, shoot. Read More

Infamous Hacker Kevin Mitnick Dead At 59
One of the world’s first and most notorious hackers, Mitnick made the FBI’s most wanted list and spent five years in prison before going straight and becoming a world-renowned “ethical hacker.” Read More

Adobe Releases Emergency Patch For Coldfusion Vulnerability
Three ColdFusion vulnerabilities were addressed by Adobe, including a zero-day. Read More


There has been a worrisome surge in weekly cyber attacks this year, with an 8% increase in the second quarter of 2023 alone. The report sheds light on the growing frequency and intensity of cyber attacks, more specifically, the alarming prevalence of ransomware groups. With cybercriminals increasingly targeting individuals and organizations, there is an urgent need for bolstering cybersecurity measures to be implemented in order to protect against malicious activities. As more organizations are being targeted, researchers are encouraging companies to initiate protocols in order to safeguard their digital assets from the escalating cyber threat landscape.

The notorious bad actor known as "La_Citrix," who has a reputation for hacking into organizations and compromising Citrix, VPN, and RDP servers to sell illicit access, recently made a critical mistake, causing them to be caught by Israeli threat intelligence company, Hudson Rock. During an attempt to deploy malware onto their system, the hacker mistakenly infected their own computer, exposing their true identity.

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