Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 08/25/23

Danish Hosting Firms Lose All Customer Data in Ransomware Attack
CloudNordic reported a breach in their systems, affecting customer websites, and causing complete paralysis. Recovery efforts failed, resulting in major data loss for most customers. Read More

FBI Says Patches Barracuda Released In May For An Exploited Esg Zero-Day Vulnerability Were Not Effective.
Barracuda told customers it would replace any appliances that had been compromised. Read More

National Intelligence Office Issues Cyber Warning For Government And Commercial Satellites
The warning comes just about a month after three teams at the DEF CON 23 convention in Las Vegas managed to successfully hack a government satellite in orbit. Read More

Cisa Prioritizing On-Site K-12 Cybersecurity Reviews This School Year
The nation’s cyber defense agency is aiming to work with schools where they’re at instead of where they should be. Read More

HP Report Details Tactics Used to Evade Detection Tools
Researchers found cybercriminals are now combining well-known types of attacks in different ways to bypass detection tools and security policies. Read More

Law Firm Cyberattacks Grow, Putting Operations in Legal Peril
Valuable client data firms are being targeted by hackers. Suits allege firms not spending enough to stop attacks. Read More

Breached For Years: How Long-Term Cyber Attacks Are Able To Linger
As the number of major organizations breached over several years stack up, both GoDaddy and News Corp were forced to admit hackers had been roaming their IT estates for years. Read More

Sextortion Scams Surge 178% in a Year
Security researchers have detected a 178% increase in sextortion emails between the first half of 2022 and the same period this year, marking the category as a top email threat. Read More

Tesla Says Massive Data Breach Was an Inside Job
The huge data breach that affected more than 75,000 Tesla employees was an insider job perpetrated by two ex-employees who leaked the information to a German business newspaper, according to the company. Read More

Proposed Bill Would Require Vulnerability Disclosure Policies For All Federal Contractors
The legislation would mandate all federal contractors to have a vulnerability disclosure policy to help ensure that any software flaws are fixed before they can be exploited by hackers. Read More

New WinRAR Vulnerability Could Allow Hackers to Take Control of Your PC
Successful exploitation of the flaw requires user interaction in that the target must be lured into visiting a malicious page or by simply opening a booby-trapped archive file. Read More


Earlier this month, two Danish hosting companies suffered complete data loss in a ransomware attack, catastrophically impacting user information and customer operations. The attack highlights the vulnerability of hosting providers to ransomware threats, underscoring the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the industry. The incident raises concerns about data protection and recovery strategies for affected customers.

The FBI urges immediate disconnection of exploited Barracuda ESG appliances due to security vulnerabilities, emphasizing potential risks to sensitive data. The advisory underscores the importance of addressing security flaws promptly to prevent potential cyberattacks. Barracuda Networks users are advised to take precautionary measures to safeguard their systems.

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