Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 09/15/22

Apple Releases Another Urgent IOS Security Patch, So Install Now
Apple has released an urgent security patch that addresses multiple flaws in different versions of iOS, iPad OS, and macOS. Some of these flaws, the company confirmed, are being actively abused in the wild.  Read More

Increased Mortality Rates Linked to Cyber-Attacks Against Healthcare Organizations
Cyber–attacks against healthcare organizations cause more than 20% to experience increased mortality rates, suggests new research. Read More

Lawsuit After Keybank Breach Heralds Potential Changes In Cyber Liability
Just days after KeyBank publicly announced late last Friday that an untold number of its mortgage customers had their information stolen, the Cleveland-based financial institution was slapped with a lawsuit that claims both the bank and a third-party service provider were negligent in monitoring and controlling potential IT security issues. Read More

Cisco Maintains Data Leak From Ransomware Attack Poses No Risk
The threat actors posting some of their data online was probably an effort to establish their own credibility, and apparently doesn’t change Cisco’s initial assessment that the attack didn’t exfiltrate any sensitive data or do any extensive damage. Read More

Texas Hospital Facing Communication Issues, System Rebuild Amid Ransomware Attack
OakBend is rebuilding its systems after receiving clearance from Microsoft, Dell, Malware Protects, and its IT staff. Officials explained that “rebuilding the system may cause temporary communication issues for patients, vendors, doctors, and administrators.” Read More

iOS 16 Rolls Out With Passwordless Authentication, Spyware Protection
The first of these features is Lockdown Mode, a capability designed to keep users protected from state-sponsored mercenary spyware. Read More

High Severity Vulnerabilities Found in HP Enterprise Devices
Some HP enterprise devices (laptops and desktops) have still not received updates to patch the vulnerabilities, despite them being publicly disclosed for over a month. Read More

Over Three-Quarters of Retailers Hit by Ransomware in 2021
Some 77% of global retailers were compromised by ransomware last year, making the sector one of the hardest hit, according to Sophos. Read More


A CRITICAL security patch was released on Monday by Apple, addressing iOS, iPadOS, and macOS to fix a major flaw in most of the devices. The discovered vulnerability was rendering engine WebKit, used by the web browser Safari along with other browsers that run on iOS. It is reported that the flaw can permit hackers to create new websites capable of executing code that the user isn’t aware of. Apple users are encouraged to update their systems asap.

Increased mortality rates are now connected to a rise in cyber attacks against healthcare organizations. In recent reports, 89% of healthcare IT and security practitioners reported experiencing an average of 43 attacks in the past year alone. Due to these attacks, procedures can become delayed and patient complications can increase as a direct result. Taking advantage of healthcare organizations’ network vulnerabilities, bad actors can threaten their systems by asking for a ransom.

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