Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 10/05/23

Chinese Hackers Target Routers in IP Theft Campaign
A customized firmware backdoor tailored for Cisco routers allows hackers to maintain backdoor access without their connections showing up in logs. Read More

Alert: Attackers Actively Exploiting WS_FTP Vulnerabilities
Cybersecurity Officials Recommend Immediate Patching to Fix Serious Flaws Read More

FBI: Dual Ransomware Attack Victims Now Get Hit Within 48 Hours
An automotive supplier was breached three times by LockBit, Hive, and ALPHV/BlackCat affiliates within just two months, according to Sophos X-Ops incident responders. Read More

AWS kicks off Cloud Rto Mandate MFA by Default
The cloud giant will start requiring users with the highest level of privileges to use MFA starting in mid-2024. Google, in response, said it will mandate MFA for certain accounts this year. Read More

Global Law Firm Data Breach Leads to Another Class Action Investigation
San Francisco-based plaintiffs firm Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe is investigating a data breach at Orrick that impacted more than 460,000 individuals. Read More

The 10 Biggest Ransomware Attacks In History
At $189, the world's first ransomware attack was child's play compared to the ransomware attacks of today. Read More

Dark Web Sale of FBI LEEP Classified Data Sparks Concerns Over National Security
The alleged FBI LEEP data sale can mean information of a critical nature is at risk of being misused by cybercriminals. Read More

Study Reveals Conti Affiliates' Money Laundering Practices
Research shows they use straightforward mechanisms to transfer their Bitcoin - allowing researchers to follow their money trail. Read More

Phishing Attack Strikes Indeed, Targets Executives
EvilProxy attack has taken aim at the job search platform Indeed while focusing on executives in various industries. Read More

Half of Cybersecurity Professionals Report an Increase in Cyber-Attacks
Companies are failing to regularly assess cyber risk with less than one in ten (8%) of organizations completing cyber risk assessments monthly while two in five (40%) conduct them annually. Read More

Nearly 100,000 Industrial Control Systems Exposed to the Internet
Critical Infrastructure a Major Target for Cyber-Attacks. Read More


Chinese hackers are reportedly engaged in a campaign targeting routers as part of their efforts to steal intellectual property (IP). Security experts have identified a sophisticated and persistent cyber espionage campaign attributed to the Chinese APT group, APT31. The group has been exploiting vulnerabilities in routers to gain access to targeted networks, underscoring the ongoing threat to intellectual property from state-sponsored actors.

In the cybersecurity realm, it's been disclosed that attackers are currently exploiting vulnerabilities in WS_FTP, a widely used file transfer software. These vulnerabilities open the door to potential unauthorized data access and system compromises. As a result, cybersecurity agencies have issued alerts urging immediate patching to prevent exploitation, emphasizing the need for organizations to remain vigilant and keep their software up-to-date to mitigate these risks effectively.

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