Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 10/27/22

Data Breaches Rise By 70% Globally in Q3 2022
The top five countries and regions most affected by data breaches in Q3 2022 were Russia, France, Indonesia, the US, and Spain. Read More

The Long-Term Psychological Effects of Ransomware Attacks
Scientific research into the psychological effects of a ransomware crisis on organizations and individuals reveals the deep marks that a ransomware crisis leaves on all those affected. Read More

Sweeping Data Breaches Under the Bug Bounty Rug: Verdict Against Former Uber Chief Security Officer Highlights the Risk of Personal Criminal Liability for Executives
After four days of deliberation, former Uber chief security officer Joe Sullivan was convicted of federal charges by a unanimous verdict. Read More

Zoom for MacOS Contains High-Risk Security Flaw
Zoom has rolled out a high-priority patch for macOS users alongside a warning that hackers could abuse the software flaw to connect to and control Zoom Apps. Read More

Are Cybersecurity Vendors Pushing Snake Oil?
Survey: 96 Percent of cybersecurity decision-makers confused by vendor marketing Read More

Identity Theft is Not a Joke, Jim! — Third Circuit Finds Standing to Sue for Employee Data Breach
The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit recently held that a plaintiff had the standing to sue her former employer for a data breach that exposed her personal information to the “Dark Web” Read More

AG James Secures $1.9 Million Settlement with Online Retailer For Security Breach
The AG alleged that, following the incident, SHEIN failed to promptly notify its customers about the data breach and force a password reset for all account holders. Read More

Lloyd's Requirements for State-Backed Cyber-Attack Exclusions
From March 31 next year, all standalone cyber-attack policies must exclude liability for losses arising from any state-backed cyber-attack. Read More

FTC Targets Drizly and Its CEO Over Cybersecurity Failures That Led to Data Breach
The FTC acted on the company’s security failures that led to a data breach impacting the personal information of over 2.5 million individuals, which occurred even though Drizly and Rellas were informed of existing security issues two years prior Read More


A recent study found data breaches reportedly jumped by 70% in the third quarter of 2022. Reaching over 108.9 million accounts, the Q3 numbers are higher than in previous years. Surfshark’s lead researcher goes on in the article to explain how in the last 3 months, 14 accounts were leaked every second, all from different countries.

New-found research shows the lasting effects of ransomware attacks on the psyche of those impacted. Top management, HRM, IT, and security teams can all be hit within an organization. Bearing much of the responsibility, these teams can take on the brunt of the trauma that ransomware attacks can cause. Full psychological recovery can reportedly take up to two years for employees within an organization.

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