Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 11/10/22

FTC Holds Company’s CEO Personally Liable for Security Failures
The FTC found that the company and its CEO had failed to develop and implement appropriate measures to protect consumers' personal information. Read More

Cyberattack Causes Trains to Stop in Denmark
The incident shows how an attack on a third-party IT service provider could result in significant disruption in the physical world. Read More

Ritz Cracker Giant Settles Bust-Up with Insurer over $100m+ NotPetya Cleanup
A deal could 'upend the entire cyber-insurance ecosystem and make it almost impossible to get meaningful cyber coverage'. Read More

Feds Find Silk Road Thief's $1b+ Bitcoin Stash in Popcorn Tin, Hidden Safe
Uncle Sam follows the money ... all the way to a single-board computer. Read More

Web Scraping - Is It Legal and Can It Be Prevented?
Should a third party be allowed to visit a website and use automated tools to gather and store information at scale from that website? What if that information includes personal data? Read More

Attempted Cyberattack Leads to Internet Shutdown at Albany Schools
As they investigate the attack, school administrators urge teachers to stay offline and students to put away Chromebooks Read More

Inside the Global Hack-for-Hire Industry
In recent years there has been a trend for computer security firms to pretend to be training “white hat” hackers so their knowledge can be used to protect clients from online attacks. In reality, however, they are being readied for the dark side. Read More

SEC Announces 'Enforcement Action' For SolarWinds Over 2020 Hack
Even though the attack was discovered almost two years ago, many details around the incident are still unknown, and many of SolarWinds's customers still do not know if they were compromised Read More

Norton LifeLock Rebrands as Gen following Avast Acquisition
The newly formed company is expected to have more than 500 million customers, uniting well-known brands including Norton, Avast, LifeLock, Avira, AVG, CCleaner, and ReputationDefender under one new entity. Read More

This Hidden Facebook Tool Lets Users Remove Their Email or Phone Number Shared by Other
Facebook appears to have silently rolled out a tool that allows users to remove their contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, uploaded by others. Read More


In a newly presented settlement, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sought to hold Drizly CEO, James Cory Rellas, accountable for an information security breach. Drizly, an online platform that facilitates the ordering and delivery of alcohol from local retailers to customers, is said to have had a data breach that impacted over 2.5 million consumers. The FTC held James Cory Rellas liable due to his failure to act consciously after the company had already experienced a similar security breach in 2018.

Two weeks ago, all trains operated by the Danish State Railways, or DSB, the largest train operating company in the country, came to a standstill for several hours. This disruption in transportation was due to a reported cyberattack on Supeo, a software company that provides enterprise asset management solutions to railway companies, transportation infrastructure operators, and public passenger authorities. Deciding to shut down their servers as a result of the attack, as a result, a piece of essential software used by locomotive drivers was no longer working.

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