Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 01/07/22

FTC Warns Businesses on Patching Log4j Holes… Or Else
The US Federal Trade Commission warned companies that vulnerable Log4j software needs to be fixed, responsibly, in a timely manner, or face the wrath of Lina Khan. Read More

Sneaky Hacking Group Targets Java Applications to Break Into Networks
Cybersecurity researchers warn about cyberattacks by 'Elephant Beetle'—which use over 80 tools and exploits legacy vulnerabilities to hide inside networks for months at a time. Read More

Info-Stealing Malware Hits 100+ Countries
Researchers warn of a new malware campaign that has already stolen passwords and user information from victims in 111 countries worldwide. Read More

Supply Chain Attacks Show Why You Should be Wary of Third-Party Providers
The weak link in your enterprise security might lie with partners and suppliers. Here’s how to understand and mitigate that risk. Read More

Cybersecurity Training Isn't Working And Hacking Attacks Are Only Getting Worse
As the internet becomes an increasingly vital part of our lives, more needs to be done to prevent vital services from being disrupted. Read More

Google Chrome Update Includes 37 Security Fixes
One of them was rated critical, and 10 had a high severity rating. Read More

Morgan Stanley Agrees to $60 Million Settlement in Data Breach Lawsuit
Customer data was held on legacy equipment that was later sold on without being wiped. Read More

What the Rise in Cyber-Recon Means for Your Security Strategy
Expect many more zero-day exploits in 2022, and cyberattacks using them being launched at a significantly higher rate. Read More

Prosecutors File Additional Charges Against Former Uber Security Chief Over Data Breach ‘Cover Up’
Wire fraud has joined the list of charges pending against Joseph Sullivan, 52, of Palo Alto, California over his alleged concealment of a 2016 attack that exposed 57 million users and 600,000 driver records. Read More

Crypto Firm Pulls the Rug from Under Investors with $10m Scam
Arbix Finance was a yield farming firm previously audited by decentralized finance (DeFi) security player CertiK. Read More

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In our reoccurring Cyber Threat Report, we share the latest and most critical industry headline news. As companies face the consequences of data breaches and pending charges, just as fast, hackers are finding new ways into business IT. Make your new year's resolution to take inventory of your cybersecurity awareness and IT compliance, and encourage others to do the same.

Protecting your assets, operations, clients, and employees has never been more critical. Architecting, designing, and implementing IT solutions is not solely about the speed with which they get completed. It requires the 'know-how' to make sure they operate correctly and avoid the many known, and unknown, security issues that are plaguing organizations today.

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