Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 01/21/22

Federal Banking Regulators Issue Cybersecurity Breach Notification Requirement
Beginning in April 2022, banking organizations and bank service providers will be subject to the shortest regulatory breach notification reporting time frame of any law to date—36 hours. Read More

Regulators May Lean on Civil War-Era Law to Ensure Cybersecurity Compliance
Federal regulators and lawyers are preparing for increased False Claims Act (FCA) charges regarding cybersecurity protocols. Read More

Biden Warns of US 'Cyber' Response After Ukraine Says Computers Wiped During Attack
Two Ukrainian agencies said their computers were wiped as part of a larger attack on government systems. Read More

Accellion Claims No ‘Guarantee’ of Security in $8.1M Breach Settlement
With the approximately 9.2 million individuals impacted by the months-long hack of its file transfer application, which resulted in the theft of both consumer and patient data. Read More

Data of 7 Million OpenSubtitles Users Leaked After Hack Despite Site Paying Ransom
“He gained access to all users data - email, username, password...He promised the data would be erased and he would help us secure the site after the payment.” Read More

Cloned US Dept. of Labor Site Hawks Fake Government Contracts
A well-crafted but fake government procurement portal offers the opportunity to submit a bid for lucrative government projects — but harvests credentials instead. Read More

Microsoft Edge Adds Security Mode to Thwart Malware Attacks
A new security feature in the latest beta of the Microsoft Edge browser can help protect web surfers from zero-day attacks. Read More

Bugcrowd Reports Increase in Critical Vulnerabilities Found in 2021
Bugcrowd saw a 185% increase in the last 12 months for critical vulnerability submissions with financial services companies. Read More

FBI Warning: Crooks Are Using Fake QR Codes to Steal Your Passwords and Money
As businesses turned to QR codes for contactless payments during the pandemic, scammers seized on the trend to steal cash and financial credentials. Read More

Ransomware: 2,300+ Local Governments, Schools, Healthcare Providers Impacted in 2021
An Emsisoft report found that more than 1,000 schools alone were disrupted by ransomware incidents. Read More

Researchers Find Ways to Bypass SMS Codes on Box Accounts
An attacker using this technique could use stolen credentials to compromise an organization’s Box account and exfiltrate sensitive data without access to the victim’s phone. Read More

Headline Privacy & IT Security Compliance News

In our reoccurring Cyber Threat Report, we share the latest and most critical industry headline news. We provide the first stop for information security news. Advances in digitalization have led to increasingly frequent, damaging, and costly cyber incidents and repercussions.

With the persistence of ransomware, from Russian cyberespionage to attacks on crucial supply chains, there are even more reports on comprised sensitive data as hackers continue to ransom, leak or sell the information they acquire. In response, regulators are moving quickly on breach notification requirements to ensure IT data protection protocols are being followed.

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