Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 02/16/22

Ukraine Ministry of Defense Confirms DDoS Attack; State Banks Loses Connectivity
The websites of Ukraine's defense ministry as well as state banks Privatbank and Oschadbank were down on Tuesday due to an alleged DDoS attack. Read More

Watch Out! FritzFrog Botnet Has Gone Aggressively Wild
The botnet has grown tenfold in just a month, mostly targeting the education, government, and healthcare sectors. Read More

Cybersecurity: These Countries Are The New Hacking Threats to Fear as Offensive Campaigns Escalate
Outside of Russia and China, other countries are increasingly turning to cyberattacks and data theft - and the rise of cloud services is helping them. Read More

Three-Quarters of Ransomware Payments Linked to Russia
The researchers found that more than $400m worth of cryptocurrency went to ransomware strains “highly likely” to be affiliated with Russia in some way last year. Read More

Sugar Daddy Dating Site CEO Uses His Own Creation to See The Light
A Damascene conversion? A cynical rebrand? What should one make of "the world's largest upscale dating website" and its sudden change of heart? Read More

Squirrelwaffle, Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities Exploited for Financial Fraud
Unpatched servers have been used to twist corporate email threads and conduct financial theft. Read More

New SEC Cybersecurity Rules for Private Equity Firms Could Bring Learning Curve
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week proposed new cybersecurity rules to oversee how alternative investments or private capital firms manage risk. Read More

Missouri Will Not Charge Reporter That Governor Accused of Hacking
The FBI informed the state that the incident was "not an actual network intrusion" on October 13. Read More

CISA Again Warns U.S. Organizations of Potential Russian Cyberattacks
"The Russian government understands that disabling or destroying critical infrastructure – including power and communications – can augment pressure on a country’s government, military and population and accelerate their acceding to Russian objectives,” Read More

VMware Patches Vulnerabilities Reported by Researchers to Chinese Government
The security holes impact VMware ESXi, Workstation, and Fusion. Read More

NIST Releases Software, IoT, and Consumer Cybersecurity Labeling Guidance
The new guidance aims to tighten security requirements for federally purchased software and give consumers better insight into the security of software and devices they buy. Read More

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Approximately 66% of hacked organizations expressed uncertainty that they could ever fully recover. Getting hacked is a big deal—for you, your business, your customers, and your employees!

We're in an era in which individuals and employees are so often out of the office, and that's only making these headline cyber threats more dangerous. Cyber criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated, as are the scams they are executing. Globally we're seeing countless reports in the media of ongoing and growing cyber-attacks on companies.

Customers are putting their trust in your hands. If you can't be trusted with their information, why should you be trusted with their business? A Chief Security Information Officer (CISO) can be one of your best cybersecurity defense tools. If you don’t have a CISO, consider discussing a vCISO program from JANUS.

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