Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 04/15/22

Microsoft Patches 128 Windows Flaws, New Zero-Day Reported
On Tuesday, Microsoft issued a warning for an in-the-wild zero-day attack hitting Windows users. It credited the National Security Agency (NSA) with reporting the live exploitation. Read More

Adobe Patches Gaping Security Holes in Multiple Apps
Adobe's security update engine revved into overdrive this month with the release of patches for at least 78 documented software vulnerabilities, some serious enough to expose corporate customers to remote code execution attacks. Read More

SaaS Outages: Atlassian Outage Puts a Spotlight on Resilience Gaps
While cloud services are often considered more dependable, businesses face new risks with SaaS and public cloud risks that are unfamiliar or not completely understood. Read More

Critical Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Hospital Robots
The impact of ransomware outbreaks in hospitals; software vulnerabilities including those that could, in theory, stop a pacemaker from working, and countless patient data leaks at providers worldwide. Read More

Quickly Patching Your iPhones & Macs is More Important Than Ever
Vulnerabilities found in Apple products surged by more than 450% during the second half of 2021. Apple products are secure and don't get malware or hacked. This is a dangerous myth that continues to circulate despite being total garbage. Read More

Clueless Hackers Spent Months Inside a US Government Network & Nobody Noticed
But then a ransomware gang turned up. A series of poor cybersecurity decisions meant the victim didn't notice intruders on their network - until more sophisticated attackers arrived. Read More

Barracuda Networks Changes Hands With Purchase by Global Investment Firm KKR
KKR is taking over from Thoma Bravo. The company caters to approximately 200,000 customers worldwide and focuses on small to medium-sized businesses. Read More

The High Price of Free Wi-Fi: Here's Why You Never Connect to an Insecure Network
If you work on the go, the last thing you should do is connect to an insecure wireless network. Jack Wallen explains. Read More

Terrible Cloud Security is Leaving the Door Open for Hackers. Here's What You're Doing Wrong
A rise in hybrid work and a shift to cloud platforms has changed how businesses operate—but it's also leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Read More

Account Takeover Poised to Surpass Malware as The No. 1 Security Concern
According to Javelin Research’s "Identity Fraud Study: The Virtual Battleground" report, account takeover increased by 90% to an estimated $11.4 billion in 2021 when compared with 2020. Read More

Headline Privacy & IT Security Compliance News

In today’s news, a US government warning has put the energy sector on high alert over specialized malware for disrupting industrial control systems. Cybersecurity officials said the evidence suggests Russia is behind the tools, and that it is configured to target North American energy concerns.

Now is a good time to carefully examine the health of your backup power sources. Make sure your battery backups are healthy and fully charged. Confirm the readiness of your generators and make sure that you have adequate and uncontaminated fuel supplies. Test your transfer switching to confirm it will perform as expected.

As always, apply all patches to your devices including both business and personal. Today’s updates are almost always about mitigating a previously identified vulnerability that bad actors will leverage to gain unauthorized access to your devices, networks, and personal data.

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