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Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 06/10/22

How Costa Rica Found Itself at War Over Ransomware
Costa Rica failed to implement the cyber-preparedness strategy that it laid out five years ago and now serves as an example not only to other Latin American nations but also to the world. Read More

Accountability Unclear as Cybersecurity for Federal Dams Falls Short
Most of the technical details and recommendations for mitigation were omitted from the report to avoid tipping off attackers. Read More

Follina Exploited by State-Sponsored Hackers
A government-aligned attacker tried using a Microsoft vulnerability to attack U.S. and E.U. government targets. Read More

Attackers Use Public Exploits to Throttle Atlassian Confluence Flaw
The vulnerability remains unpatched on many versions of the collaboration tool and has the potential to create a SolarWinds-type scenario. Read More

Deadly Secret: Electronic Warfare Shapes Russia-Ukraine War
On Ukraine’s battlefields, the simple act of powering up a cellphone can beckon a rain of deathly Skyfall.  Electronic warfare technology is targeting communications, navigation, and guidance systems to infiltrate their adversaries. Read More

Nonprofit Hired to Accredit Cybersecurity for DoD contractors Undergoes a Rebrand
The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Accreditation Body is changing its name, logo, and website. Here is how this will affect you. Read More

Activists Say Cyber Agency Weakens Voting Tech Advisory
The nation’s leading cybersecurity agency released a final version Friday of an advisory it previously sent state officials on voting machine vulnerabilities in Georgia and other states that voting integrity activists say weakens a security recommendation on using barcodes to tally votes. Read More

Apple's New Feature Will Install Security Updates Automatically Without Full OS Update
Apple has introduced a Rapid Security Response feature in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura that's designed to deploy security fixes without the need for a full operating system version update. Read More

Microsoft's New 'Autopatch' Service for Windows PC just took Another Step Forwards
Microsoft aims to make Patch Tuesday just another Tuesday. Read More

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Costa Rica declares a national state of emergency as they undergo a cyber-attack by the infamous ransomware group, CONTI. Failing to implement the cyber-preparedness strategy that was laid out back in 2017, Costa Rica’s current president, Rodrigo Chaves, finds himself in turmoil. These ransomware attacks are estimated to be costing the nation around $38 million USD a day. Costa Rica’s National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Management (CNE) made an announcement last month informing the general public that at this time they have no strategy or plan in place for handling this emergency.

Findings from a recent audit of cybersecurity controls for a dam control system in Tennessee showed that they were running old, insecure software. Operation and control system software vulnerabilities were found, noting that those weak points could be used to gain unwarranted access to the non-power dam control system, allowing for adjustments to water flows that could potentially have a negative impact on river management. Experts in industrial control system cybersecurity say many critical infrastructure entities don't always have the same freedom or luxury to temporarily shut down operations to update systems the same way some private businesses do.

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