Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 06/22/22

Nearly Half of Cybersecurity Professionals Consider Quitting
45% of respondents said they considered quitting due to stress, and 46% said they knew of at least one person who did leave the industry within the last year specifically because of stress. Read More

Cisco Says it Won’t Fix Zero-Day RCE in End-of-Life VPN Routers
Advises owners of end-of-life Small Business RV routers to upgrade to newer models after disclosing a remote code execution vulnerability with a CVSS severity rating of 9.8 out of 10.0. Read More

Panchan: A New Cryptojacking Botnet Targeting Education Sector
A Golang-based peer-to-peer (P2P) botnet has been targeting Linux servers in the education sector and the attacks using this threat have been ongoing since March. Read More

Ransomware Attacks: This is the Data that Cybercriminals Really Want to Steal
There are certain types of data that criminals target the most, according to an analysis of attacks. Read More

NSO Group’s Reported Sale to US Defense Contractor Alarms Cybersecurity Experts
L3Harris may be in negotiations to purchase the Israeli-based seller of mobile spyware tools like Pegasus that have been used by authoritarian governments around the world to surveil dissidents, human rights activists, journalists, and politicians. Read More

Office 365 Config Loophole Opens OneDrive, SharePoint Data to Ransomware Attack
A reported “potentially dangerous piece of functionality” allows an attacker to launch an attack on cloud infrastructure and ransom files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. Read More

Google Researchers Detail 5-Year-Old Apple Safari Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild
A security flaw in Apple Safari that was exploited in the wild earlier this year was originally fixed in 2013 and reintroduced in December 2016, according to a new report from Google Project Zero. Read More

CISA and Friends Raise Alarm on Critical Flaws in Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure
Nearly 60 holes were found affecting 'more than 30,000' machines worldwide Read More

Do You Have Ransomware Insurance? Look at the Fine Print
The fine print is becoming contentious and arguably undermining the usefulness of ransomware insurance. Read More

Energy Department Releases Strategy to Build Cyber-Resilient Energy Systems
The Cyber-Informed Engineering Strategy is organized across five pillars. Read More

Headline Privacy & IT Security Compliance News

Professionals within the cybersecurity industry are growing tired, reports Deep Instinct in their recent annual survey. The report refers to this stress-related phenomenon as "The Great Cybersecurity Resignation." Workers are reporting feeling overwhelmed and stressed, with ransomware being reported as the number one contributor to anxiety in the workplace.

Networking, cloud, and security solution company, Cisco, is recommending owners of their end-of-life Small Business RV routers upgrade to the latest model after informing the public about a vulnerability in a remote code execution that they refuse to patch. The vulnerability is said to impact four Small Business RV Series models. Warning their customers, Cisco advised administrators last year that they should upgrade to a newer model after disclosing that they would not fix a critical vulnerability in their Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) service. 

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