Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 08/18/22

Tenet Health’s $100 Million Cyber Shutdown Sparks 10 Questions All Boards Must Ask
The Tenet Health case reinforces why boards and senior leaders must be increasingly prepared to address rising cyber-related business interruption risks. Read More

Employee’s Compromised Google Credentials Led to Cisco Breach
Using a series of sophisticated voice phishing attacks, the victim eventually accepted multi-factor authentication (MFA) push notifications made by the attacker, which granted access to the VPN of the victim. Read More

New Study Reveals Serious Cyber Insurance Shortfalls
Only a fifth of North American organizations have cyber-insurance coverage over $600,000, leaving a potentially significant shortfall in funds if they are compromised by ransomware. Read More

#DEFCON: How US Teen RickRolled His High School District
A student discovered all kinds of things connected to the school network that he could access including printers, voice-over IP phones, switches, security cameras, and the school's IPTV presentation system which is used to show announcements. Read More

Evernote Phishing Scam Targeting Healthcare Providers to Harvest Credentials
An alert from the Department of Health and Human Services Cybersecurity Coordination Center is warning healthcare providers that a phishing campaign using a malicious Evernote website is targeting healthcare employees. Read More

FTC Kicks Off Potentially Massive New Regulation on Commercial Data Surveillance
The commission voted in favor of beginning a process that could result in some of the most stringent consumer privacy and data security protections ever. Read More

Malware is Increasingly Bypassing at Least One Email Gateway at Organizations
Nearly 7 out of 10 (69%) malware payloads are delivered via email, compared with just 17% that originate from web downloads, according to HP’s findings. Read More

 Microsoft's Secure Boot Fix Sends some PCs into BitLocker Recovery
Windows users are reporting BitLocker problems after installing last week's security update for Secure Boot. Suggest having your BitLocker key handy when updating. Read More

Epson says Ink Pad Saturation Behind 'End of Service Life' Warning on Inkjet Printers
Epson has clarified the dread "end of service life" inkjet printer warning with an updated support page directing users to its Maintenance Reset Utility after critics complained about repairability. Read More

Headline Privacy & IT Security Compliance News

Healthcare company, Tenet Health, took a major hit this past April due to a cyber-attack. The incident had a significant impact, estimating over $100 million in damages due to loss in business and remediation. This case, as a result, is causing many other organizations to look towards better safety measures in order to increase preparedness. Boards and senior leaders are encouraged to define, understand, and trust the crisis response plans that are important to their organization, starting with asking 10 diagnostic questions.

Well-known tech conglomerate, Cisco, announces on its website last week that a security breach has been identified. Targeting its corporate IT infrastructure on May 24th, the company was able to maintain the situation. This comes after an employee’s credentials were reportedly compromised due to a breach in the employee’s Google account.

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