Cyber Threat Report

Cyber Threat Report: Cyber Security News for 11/17/21

Organizations More Susceptible to Ransomware Attacks During Weekends & Holidays
In a recent survey, 37% of security professionals admitted their organization does not have contingency plans for a prompt response to ransomware attacks during the weekends and holidays. Read Article

Pentagon Announces Controversial Updates to CMMC Program
The Department of Defense (DoD) intends to simplify the process for SMBs with CMMC 2.0, but critics say the verification process relies too much on self-attestation. Read Article

Flaws in the Nucleus Embedded TCP/IP Stack Puts Critical Systems at Risk
The NUCLEUS:13 vulnerabilities can allow remote code execution or denial of service attacks. Billions of devices could be affected. Read Article

The Best Ransomware Response, According to the Data
An analysis of ransomware attack negotiation-data offers best practices on minimizing the fallout of a ransomware attack. Read Article

FBI Email Hoaxer ID’ed By The Guy He Allegedly Loves to Torment
Vinny Troia, the cybersecurity researcher mentioned in a fake alert gushed out to thousands of people from the FBI’s own email system, a white hat threat hunter and cybercrime investigator. Read Article

New Banking Trojan SharkBot Makes Waves Across Europe, US
The malware, called SharkBot, has been traced in attacks focused on stealing funds from vulnerable handsets running on the Google Android OS. Read Article

Bad Santa: Amazon, Facebook Top Mozilla's Naughty List of Privacy-Crushing Gifts
Mozilla researchers spent over 950 hours examining 151 popular connected gifts, identifying 47 that had what they called, ‘problematic privacy practices.’ Read Article

Hack-and-Leak for Hire Being Sold as Litigation Assistance
Victims are concentrated in the U.S. and Europe. Hack-and-leak operations are often associated with nation-states, such as Russia's leak of Democratic Party officials. Read Article

FBI Hacker Offers to Sell Data Allegedly Stolen in Robinhood Breach
The company said the attacker gained access to email addresses for five million users, and full names for a different group of roughly two million people. Read Article

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In our reoccurring Cyber Threat Report, we share the latest and most critical industry headline news. With the holidays approaching it’s important, more now than ever, to have an Incident Response Plan (IRP) in place at your business. Especially when no one is in the office and employees are taking time off, this proves to be a great opportunity for hackers to strike.

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