Cyber Threat Report

Hackers Recruit IT Experts for Fake Company

A Russian-based group has masqueraded as a legitimate cyber security consultancy. The Baston Secure company website, logo displayed as BS, hosted and hired multiple jobs for cyber security specialists and offered what appeared to be legitimate cyber security services.

The suspected group, Fin7, has ties to the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack that shut down fuel transport on the East Coast earlier this year. The team is believed to have hacked hundreds of businesses and stolen more than a billion dollars worldwide.


The group built a website with stolen content compiled from other legitimate cyber security companies, hired technical staff including penetration testers, and supplied testing tools to their staff that once analyzed were found to be components of the post-exploitation toolkits that deploy ransomware.

At the time of writing this blog, both Safari and Chrome have blocked access to the Bastion Secure website.

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