Cyber Threat Report

Managing Cyber Risks: A KAPLAN Web Series Featuring Lyle Liberman

In our final installment for the Kaplan e-learning web series, JANUS Associates takes an in-depth look at some of the ways an organization can prevent internal cyber threats along with how a ransomware attack can have major repercussions against your company's infrastructure and confidential data.

Cyber Threat Risks


Understanding, Identifying, and Mitigating Internal Cyber Risks is essential for any organization that manages a majority of its data and information through a cloud or network. In this video, we will walk you through common factors that can increase your cyber threat risks, steps your organization can take to protect its intellectual property, and ways you can prevent future internal risks. To watch the video and learn more, click here.

Ransomeware Attacks


In the Ransomware Focus Segment, we will take a closer look at the dangers of ransomware and why it is here to stay. Studies show that 43% of businesses are unsuccessful in recovering their data from a backup after a ransomware attack occurs. Recovering from a ransomware attack can be difficult, which is why JANUS COO, Lyle Liberman, recommends organizations take the necessary steps to protect their systems against a potential threat early on. To watch the video and learn more, click here.


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