Cyber Threat Report

Managing Cyber Risks: Where To Begin?

IT challenges have never been greater. Protecting your assets, operations, clients, and employees has never been a more complicated and difficult task. You may have a thorough understanding of your IT compliance requirements or you may not, and the security partner that you choose may be the key to the success or failure of your initiatives.

An organization’s information systems contain sensitive operational and business information that it must protect; this includes information about the organization, its staff, clients, and more.

Successful executives seeking to lead their organization to higher levels of cyber security preparedness already possess the management acumen, leadership passion, and security proficiency required to manage cyber risk. What’s often missing from the equation is the specific knowledge and subject matter expertise that only a firm like JANUS can offer. 

JANUS Associates Chief Operating Officer, Lyle Liberman, a cyber security subject matter expert speaks more on having an updated Incident Response Plan (IRP) in place for your business. Find out more in the following segment on Understanding, Identifying, and Mitigating Cyber Threat Risks.


Establishing a risk management framework with which your business is comfortable is a critical element of becoming a more mature IT operation. Some things to consider:

  • How do you leverage your assets, your people, and your technology in the most effective manner to lessen risk?

  • How do you report on new risks discovered or on remediation efforts?

  • What types of measurements can be applied so that you can determine if there are improvements in your security program?

Cyber attacks of all types, especially ransomware, continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, and the chances of your organization being successfully attacked are greater every day. While we hope that you never have an issue, statistics show that most organizations will most likely suffer a successful cyberattack.

Please click on the link below to download our 12 page guide on the importance of having an Incident Response Plan, and how to go about building your own. Should you need assistance with building your plan, please contact us for a no-charge consultation. Horizontal-Blog-CTA Data Breach Incident Response Plan

Prevention is the best and most cost-effective solution to cyber attacks. JANUS has been protecting clients’ best interests since 1988. We can help you create an Incident Response Plan, and provide data backup strategies that work if and when needed.

In addition, we offer vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, patch management assistance, employee awareness training, and other services that will fortify your defenses and help keep cybercriminals and nation-states at bay. Reach out to JANUS Associates for a no-obligation conversation on how best to protect your employees and operations.